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The members of Speech Pathology Apps believe that apps can have a beneficial place in all aspects of teaching: speech and language skills, classroom lessons of reading and curriculum, supplementing dyslexia lessons. Some apps will teach the underlying skills that teachers and speech therapists can assist the students into carryover of communication skills with their peers and teaching personnel. It is our firm belief that good teaching practice ensures that teaching is contextual and hands-on for maximum benefit to the students.

Therefore, our site will also include other materials, books, and toys that may either supplement an app or that may be an excellent teaching material on its own. The apps and materials on our site are recommended as a starting point for teaching specific skills. However, all children are different and possess different learning styles. It is the responsibility of the teacher, parent, and/or speech-language pathologist to choose and modify the materials based on each student and their learning styles and diagnoses in the case of special needs students. Feel free to contact us with comments and/or suggestions on materials you would like to see on our site.