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Vroom Vroom Race to Read -- Kids will not realize they are learning to read as they race around the track to keep the car from crashing. Read below for additional images and information on Vroom Vroom Race to Read.

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There are close to 800 words to learn:
Level 1 - consonant-vowel-consonant short vowel
Level 2 - consonant-vowel-consonant long vowel silent “e”
Level 3 - 2-vowel walking and au, aw, ow, ou
Level 4 – dge, tch, ck
Level 5 – blends
Level 6 Dolch words
And, create your own reading/spelling word lists!

Speech Pathology Apps features speech and language apps, reading and dyslexia apps, and educational to supplement the educational curriculum. Free stand-alone materials are available as well as materials to use in conjunction with the apps.

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